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Stay up-to-date with Happn on happn | Twitter | Facebook Finding an opening line on happn is fairly easy: the people you meet on happn, are people you’ve encountered in real life.Either you’ve actually seen them, and find them on the app: “Hey there!

But in recent months, the 26-year-old has allowed cameras to get a closer look at her romance with girlfriend Alicia Cargile, which she says is her coming to terms with her public persona.So you’ve nipped out for a pint of milk in your pyjamas, your hair’s all over the gaff and you think, ‘ah, what the heck, no one will ever see me like this,’ but out of nowhere you spot a super-hot girl, who you’d love to chat to, but know you really can’t.While in the past you’d have to accept you’d probably never see her again, with new dating app happn you’re given a second chance.I saw you at the pub the other day : ) fancy another drink?” …or you keep bumping into them on happn, and you wish you could finally meet in person. ” happn also indicates your mutual friends and mutual interests thanks to Facebook Connect: “So how do you know Ben? ” It is always difficult to give people an idea of who you are through a picture. You can be more abstract and show more of your world in the next pictures, but the first one is crucial: put a picture of yourself, it’s the first point of contact to catch someone’s eye and for people to recognise you. Don’t show yourself in a fancy suit in front of a Ferrari with a bling watch if you’re actually always in a hoodie and trainers taking the bus.

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