What to do when dating a shy girl stop automatic updating on vista

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When you’re out on a date with Shy Shelley, it’s your job to keep the conversation alive. Tell stories and entertain her with your goofy impression of David Letterman.

Do whatever it takes to avoid a lull in the conversation.

There are a lot of women who struggle with being shy and wish they could be more outgoing.

Remember, though, that just because someone is shy at first doesn’t mean she’s not an undercover chatterbox.One of the best ways to counteract shyness is to center the time spent with your sweetheart on an activity that doesn’t involve talking.Go to an adult arcade, put a puzzle together, see a movie, visit an art gallery or tour a museum.Pick up the tab and walk her to the door when your date is over.When a woman feels good to be in your company, she is more likely to talk openly with you.

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