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I will try to upload the images to this wiki instead of just imgur. New Orleans is especially difficult, but in FL, ASP is mostly 3 ft above sea level.There are a few things about this image I have questions about. You are right about the much of the Conch Island peninsula being at a very low elevation.He's wearing the stockings and red-striped "pumpkin pants" and matching puffed sleeves that are associated with such figures.The crested helmet he's wearing is called a morion.This wiki would be a good place to post such evidence, although there are other forums as well.If you need help uploading pictures, anyone who has edited a page would be happy to help you.To keep things organized, 1) please start each observation with a letter/number combo (in bold), and 2) add new observations in the right place on the list to keep everything alphabetized.The fellow on horseback at the top is a stereotypical Spanish conquistador.

Some visitors have reported that a matching stone artifact is on display at the park, but we haven't seen any photos of that (yet).I know many people said they see the state of florida in the negative space. :) Tried to flip the pic upside down to show you, but apparently I cant get that to work.So please someone more savvy please post the pic upside down so you all can see. That is what made me think it could possibly be Tallahassee. And the single Palm is like the marker for the capitol.It's possible that Palencar's art for Image 6 was influenced by a poster called "Some of Florida's Very Special Animals." The poster was produced for the Florida Audubon Society in 1978, so it would have been a new item in Florida gift shops at the time Preiss passed through.The art forms the shape of Florida using the outlines of local wild animals.

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