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During the shoot Margaret is taunted by Jimmy, so she agrees to give him oral sex, knowing it will kill him. Adrian perversely encourages Margaret to have sex with her, and Adrian also dies.A vengeful Margaret applies new make-up, deserts the shocked crew and goes to a downtown nightclub.An alien spacecraft — about the size of a dinner plate — lands on the rooftop of Margaret and Adrian's penthouse apartment.A tiny, shapeless alien watches the apartment from inside the UFO.From Sylvia's apartment, Johann intermittently continues his observation between dinner and dodging Sylvia's various attempts to seduce him.He leaves to warn Adrian when she buys provisions for the wake.Back at Margaret's apartment she rejects Vincent when all he offers are Quaaludes, but he beats and rapes her. Grove) revoices her objection to the heroin use of her boyfriend, failed writer and heroin addict Paul (Stanley Knap).German scientist Johann Hoffman (Otto Von Wernherr) arrives in New York, and secretly observes the aliens from the Empire State Building observation deck.

He too dies, with a crystal protruding from his head.

Amidst the bohemian new wave subculture of New York City in the early 1980s, an avant garde fashion show is to be held in a new wave nightclub in Manhattan.

Among the models are bisexual Margaret (Anne Carlisle) and Jimmy (also played by Carlisle). An apparent drug addict, he constantly hassles Margaret's heroin-dealer girlfriend Adrian (Paula E.

Adrian returns and they clash over Margaret's dalliance with Owen.

Adrian recites a eulogy, helps hide the body, and goes out to buy food for an impromptu wake.

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