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Before he even knew it, he was reading the nametag on her door. It took only a little longer to funnel the contents of the packets into the gap, and considerably less to open the matchbook and slide it in as well before sealing the gap completely with more tape. He winced as the dried bits twisted painfully before crumbling lose.

One hour later, Reject met his friend in the cafeteria.

Few people had a true appreciation for just how ingrained computers were with every single aspect of modern society, and the Foundation was no exception. Sorry, didn't think you'd be so jumpy." Eisenberg stopped, eyeing the doctor warily, but kept his hand resting on the top drawer. " "Word around the site is that you got 1006 to net Kap. He reflected on how their lungs filled with filth and life drained from their bodies, a testament to how life starts pure and ignorance weighs innocence down with shit. "Here I stew in filth, Waiting for the Bombs Big Boom. Two days, twelve hours, thirty-seven minutes and thirty-two seconds ago, a parcel arrived for Site-19, sealed with black tape and hastily recovered from designated post box PO-2354 by a certain shifty-looking Junior Researcher sent to collect the daily personal mail.

Despite all the hard copies, every report, every researcher's note, every field log and every file photo was logged into a computer database somewhere. One day, two hours, and exactly forty-nine seconds ago, Byantara finished his lab work, packed up, cleaned Chamber 2A-2-1 and secured several large marital aids to the floor before locking up. cowered beneath his desk as the walls began to bleed and the ceiling screamed his name. " Researcher Eisenberg sat at his desk, absentmindedly stroking Nastasia, his linen cat.

"And get out of the damn way." Dmitri jabbed a finger at Bright. I HAVE DONE THIS PRANK SEVERAL TIMES BEFORE, IN BOTH WARS." "It's not a prank, Dmitri." "YES IT IS! Agent Lament whistled quietly to himself, glancing down at his watch, nodding amiably to the nurse as she walked into Renfield's room carrying an IV bag of saline. I'd probably end up in the hospital, I've never been really good at elaborate pranks." Eisenberg seemed to relax slightly at Los E. "No, it wasn't nets, exactly…I had them tattoo Lenin on him." Los E. burst out laughing, leaning on the desk for support. How does someone come up with something like that?! Talking to a bunch of spiders though…that was kinda creepy. You've got a cobweb on your coat, here let me…" Los E. "Never was any good with those elaborate pranks." "Hey, Los." Los E. If memory served, it was at the end of the hall on his right, next door to where they put Research Assistant Reject after he somehow managed to shrink his office to a third of its original size. How poetic, so close to freedom with artifacts of power. " Taking the slim glimmer of hope for what ever it was worth, the trio hurried desperately down the hall. This was not the first time the 447 alert had been sounded on Senior Staff Shenanigans Day. Pushing the door open, a bucket of water immediately fell from atop the door.

Lament smirked slightly and started walking down the hallway, heading toward his extremely messy office and waiting outside the door. Oh man, I'd never pull something like that off, I'm no good with those elaborate pranks. He was scrapping dried flakes of cream from his lower back when he noticed he what he was walking in. He glanced down the hallway and saw Reject, lying in a puddle of the stuff. R.'s heart skipped a beat as he put two and two together. With the dead security guard he had been dragging along, he waved at his companion. We could try to get to the O5 bunker, but we can't make it from here. Before flipping the switch and killing everyone on-site, he took a moment to make sure it was a dead body. If it was, well…the nuke wouldn't do any good, anyways. Irritated yet strangely grateful to get some kind of wash, he lifted the rim of the bucket to find the monkey sitting on his desk.

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