Live updating

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In contrast, Ekiden can update a program to any other program capable of being executed, even one written in a different programming language.

Systems designers can extract valuable performance or safety assurances by limiting the scope of updates.

Kitsune and Ekiden require developers to manually specify and name all update points.

Updating systems differ in the types of program changes that they support.

The location in a program where a dynamic update occurs is referred to as an update point.

Existing DSU implementations vary widely in their treatment of update points.

Syncing is not my problem, just that the synced playlist is just as stale as in i Tunes.

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When I recreate the smart playlist from scratch, it has been working again, for a time, but my main playlist has stopped updating now for at least the fourth time since i Tunes 11 came out. Googling this issue has not brought any usable answer, most people seem to have a problem that the smart playlist in i Tunes is not properly synced to their device.I'd be very interested in hearing other experiences.I have the same problem - years ago my i Phone used to live update smart playlists (I have one called Recently Played), but since then it no longer updates and my Recently Played remains stale and useless on the i Phone.i Phone 5, i OS 6.1.4, Synced to certain Playlists.(Not manually managed - although I used to do that in the past, and its possible that coincides with when live updating used to work?

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