Katarina witt dating

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The tour is scheduled to have a preview Saturday night in Lake Placid, then open on Dec.

27 and run through March with about 50 performances.

12 in Albany at a made-for-television event of Olympic champions called Skates of Gold.

Joan Burns, a skating judge and official from Millbrae, Calif., said she arranged for Grinkov to return to Moscow from an American tour when his father died.

Grinkov and Gordeyeva had also been scheduled to seek their fourth world professional title on Dec. "They were up to form, but they hadn't been competing," said Ribbens, who is vice president of Candid Productions, which produces the world professional championships.

"He said he was concerned about his back, that it could give out any time and it was dangerous. He said he had to be extremely careful, but he was psyched to defend their professional title." Grinkov, who was born in Moscow on Feb.

ADN-ZB AP-Tele-2.4.87 USA: Katarina Witt in Washington stürmisch gefeiert- Mit Ovationen und unzähligen Blumen wurde die dreifache Weltmeisterin und Olympiasiegerin im Eiskunstlaufen Katarina Witt aus der DDR am Abend des 1.4.87 von Tausenden begeisterten Einwohnern Washingtons gefeiert.

Ihre Darbietungen und vom Publikum nachdrücklich geforderten Zugaben bildeten den Höhepunkt des Schaulaufens der Meister und Plazierten der Weltmeiserschaften im Capital Center der USA-Hauptstadt.

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