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He concluded that "[the song] feels a little more focused, a little more mature and a little better-sung than her previous material." The Oxonian Review considers it the centerpiece of the melancholic album, noting how "equating regret with December is a mainstream American musical tradition" and this song is "the congruence of her singing and songwriting at its finest." Ryan Brockington from New York Post lauded the song, writing "it’s a very surprising, and somewhat brilliant, apology track where Taylor sings about wishing to fix a relationship she wished she wouldn't have ruined in the first place." Stephen M.Deusner from Engine 145 gave the song a thumbs-up and praised Swift as "an expressive singer", calling the song "a dark fantasy of apology and reconciliation" which is "a true heartbreaker".Swift has performed "Back to December" in several live appearances, notably at the 44th annual Country Music Association Awards and at the 38th American Music Awards.

It's about getting stuck in a place of romantic regret." In a different perspective, Kyle Anderson of MTV argued that the music video puts Swift in a "pantheon of modern classics" with regards to its "almost haunting visual sense" which makes up for the inadequate narrative.She is brooding and singing about her lost love while wandering morosely around her apartment.She is also seen sitting in the bathtub, missing her boyfriend who she didn't treat well when they were together.About halfway through, it starts to snow inside the spacious house.A montage of Swift writing a letter is shown alternately with scenes of her boyfriend strolling around the town.

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