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In the command shell, change the directory to where you have a test photo and type the following command.Replace “your_test_photo.jpg” with the actual photo you want to test and “output.jpg” with your desired output file name.What it does is printing the origial shooting date and time at (100,100) pixels from the top left corner using 72 point (-pointsize option) Arial font (-font option) in white color (-fill option).The command “convert” is part of Imagemagick package.If you are not very computer savvy or simply lack of the desire to challenge yourself, buying one of them may not be a bad choice since most of them cost only about to .For the rest of you, here is a completely free solution, for Windows users at least.It was typically done by exposing the film with a small embedded LED display that can be turned on or off.It was a great feature for cataloging photographs and making photo records of important events since there isn’t any better way of keeping tracking of the shooting information besides taking old fashioned paper notes.

If you like the one I used, go check out here and download the font called “Digital 7“. Download one of the binary releases and install it.

The shooting information is stored in the digital photo as embedded meta data, or commonly called EXIF tags. When the photo gets printed on a conventional print paper, none of the meta data gets carried over automatically.

We can now keep a lot more information as meta data, you might think we are much better off today. Even if you post your photos in an online albumn or photo sharing site, the shooting date/time information may not be easily accessible either.

At the bottom right corner, there is a string of white numbers that read “20 ”.

This is the shooting date and time superimposed on the original photos.

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