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Joule’s device couples the gravitational potential of the weight with the thermal energy of the water in a tank. Newtonian mechanics had some subtle inconsistencies that modern (1900 modern) science was just beginning to notice.Special relativity helped fixed the heck out of that.As far as a particle physicist is concerned, particles don’t have masses; they have equivalent energies.If you happen to corner one at a party (it’s not hard, because they’re meek), ask them the mass of an electron.It merely implies that if matter were to disappear, you’d need a certain amount of some other kind of energy to take its place (wound springs, books higher on shelves, warmer tea, other kind); and in order for new matter to appear, a prescribed amount of energy must also disappear.Not in any profound way, but in a “when the pendulum swings up, it also slows down” sort of way.It’s a little like being on a boat at sea; the tiny rises and falls of the surface are obvious, but the huge distance to the bottom is not. Before Einstein, the kinetic energy of a completely stationary rock and a missing rock was the same (zero).

There are more terms that can be included, like the heat of the pendulum or its chemical potential, but since those don’t much and the whole point of energy is to be constant, those other terms can be ignored (as far as the swinging motion is concerned).The total difference for a good D-battery is about 0.015 picograms, which is tough to notice especially when the battery is ten billion times more massive.About the only folks who regularly worry about the fact that energy and matter can be sometimes be exchanged are high-energy physicists.What this means in terms of energy (which is just the sum of a bunch of different terms that always stays the same) is that “removing an object” now violates the conservation of energy.E=mc is very non-specific and at the time it was written: not super helpful.

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