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Alexander was a fierce critic of his father`s policy.His father, the Russian Emperor Paul I was killed on March 11, 1801.The city also has cultural centres dedicated to the German, Polish, and Tatar languages and culture.One of the most remarkable features of Tomsk is its picturesque architecture, created by the hands of masters from Europe: Marfeld, Gut, and Orzeszko (Poland), Langer (Austria), Geste (Scotland), Gibert (France), Turskiy (Germany), and Tatarchuh and Homich (also from Poland).

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The research represents the analysis of essential demographic indexes in Tomsk Oblast (Russia): birth-rate, death-rate, natural increase (1980-2015), migration increase (19972014), and child mortality (1990-2015).

In connection with this problem is exacerbated relations between the state in the face of tax structures and small businesses as taxpayers.

Tomsk was founded in 1604 and served as a fortress, a merchants' city, a centre of the gold rush, and the centre of a huge province covering several regions of today's Russia and Kazakhstan.

The most exciting mystery is connected with the name of Elder Feodor of Tomsk.

The history of Saint Feodor of Tomsk begins with the mysterious death of the Russian Emperor Alexander I.

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