Dating again after infidelity

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So does having sex when things still aren’t perfect and we’re still healing send mixed signals to him? Should I stop having sex with him and follow some sort of time frame to make sure that he’s truly sorry and won’t cheat again?

” I will try to address these concerns in the following article.

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And for other couples, six months later is too soon because the healing just hasn’t even begun or one of them just isn’t comfortable.

Some couples wait for quite a long time for this very reason.

They don’t want to use sex as the glue that binds them until they know that the relationship has healed enough to make this authentic and comfortable.

The time frame needs to be up to the couple themselves.

To me, the real concerns are whether the couple are having sex for the right reasons and whether the wife is feeling pressure or whether the husband feels he is getting mixed feelings.

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