Dating a guy with emotional baggage writing personal dating ads

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There was a time when I had one of the most exciting and memorable romances aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

That shipboard fling transformed into a long-distance romance that lasted a few years before eventually dying out.

Eventually he asked me, “What’s your love life like these days, Steve?

The fondly held memories can limit appreciation for new experiences in the present.Back in the day, jumping into the dating waters post-divorce wasn't always the easiest (and usually involved one too many awkward set-ups from friends). But with the onslaught of dating apps, it's now all too easy (seriously, just swipe right..left). That one who, after three dates, asks you to pick up some toilet paper, plants his feet on you for a foot rub, and immediately starts slipping into the same homey habits he had with his ex. Sorry, but he can only fit you in every other Tuesday because his life is just so. Recently, on two separate occasions, I met someone that I immediately clicked What I tell a woman with this kind of reasoning is that the past is only real because she chooses to continually refer to it.By habitually accessing a negative event from former times, the woman remains anchored to a set of circumstances that doesn’t necessarily apply to her present situation.

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