Company policy on dating coworkers

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Caitlyn in New York worked in clothing retail for two years and often butted heads with a particularly snippy coworker."Any time I asked for help, like during a holiday rush, she'd say over her shoulder—and in front of a line of customers—'Not my problem.'" Whether a colleague seems to be extra-needy or entirely incompetent, wait to deal with the situation (probably by having a private conversation with your boss) once you're out of customers' earshot. That means no lifting sticky notes from the supply closet or taking a company car to run personal errands—illegal or otherwise.Mark from Iowa works in an advertising office by day and writes horror stories by night.When a coworker found out about his nighttime gig, which earned him a nomination for a national book award, she chastised him for "glamorizing Satan," he says.Especially when a client might witness or hear your bad behavior.Blythe from North Carolina worked in a call center, which meant most people in the office were on the phone for most of the day.A second coworker was fired after getting a DUI while driving a company car.Even if your misdeeds are seemingly more innocent—say, mailing your grandma a care package from the office mailroom using the company's account number—remember that anything that might be considered stealing is grounds for dismissal.

Except for one coworker, who would knock on my door all day long. "It's common for flight attendants to take empty passenger seats, but obviously customers get first dibs," says Betty.

Carl from Colorado, who works in construction, knows of two coworkers who lost their jobs after misusing company vehicles.

One repairman drove the company van to a well-known drug house in the middle of the day; he was busted when the boss drove by on his way home for lunch.

"The funny thing is, it was clear from her rant that she hadn't even read the book, in which the forces of good win in the end." Rule #7: Consider your coworkers when you pack your lunch.

Sure, last night's delicious cod dish would make a delightful lunch—but it's not nice to make coworkers suffer through your smelly meal.

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