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The problem isn't that young adults don't want to marry — they do — but many claim they simply don't know how to get or stay married to the right person.Boundless exists, in part, to help young adults mature in life and faith, date with purpose and prepare for marriage.After three months of dating, things were going so well that Kelly Bisby began to worry.Not long ago, she was an unattached high school English teacher with lots of friends, a cat named Stella and a growing sense that she was destined to a life of singleness. An intelligent, compassionate man who shared her faith and respected her personal boundaries.Thus the timid, modest daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher decided to send the first message.A few weeks, dozens of emails and several phone conversations later, the two met at a Starbucks in Kelly's hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas.Sure, it was awkward at first, but by the time their first date ended, they were talking like old friends.

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Candice is the author of Get Married: What Women Can Do to Help It Happen.Best-selling author of more than a dozen books, Kurt spent 20 years with Focus on the Family where he was Vice President over media.Olivia is a former school teacher who now speaks to moms about the hectic joys of parenthood.We’re grateful for all the men and women who have joined this community and continue to praise God for all of those who have shared their engagement and wedding stories with us so far.Here’s more about us: Motte and Beth Brown Motte is the Director of Online Marketing for Prison Fellowship.

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