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flag and a B-2 stealth bomber – a plane that's capable of dropping nuclear bombs – Trump lashed out at dictator Kim Jong-Un and warned that advanced U. weaponry can make the souls of America's enemies 'tremble.'He bashed Pyongyang for showing 'its utter contempt for its neighbors and for the entire world community.''Nothing inspires more confidence in our friends, or strikes more fear in the hearts of our enemies, than the sight of American war planes on the horizon,' Trump declared.'Our aviators have given America total dominance of the air and space no matter where we fly.But 'for those who have said and have been commenting about the lack of a military option,' he added, 'there is a military option.''Now, it's not what we would prefer to do, so what we have to do is call on all nations, call on everyone to do everything we can to address this global problem short of war.' White House National Security Adviser H. Mc Master (right) and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (left) told reporters on Friday that they would prefer to see a diplomatic approach to the Korean peninsula, but Mc Master warned that there is a workable military solution The UN Security Council on Friday strongly condemned North Korea's missile launch this week as 'highly provocative,' but did not threaten a new round of economic sanctions.The grinding process is conducted in a clean room where the temperature and humidity is closely monitored and controlled, with industrial filters keeping the air clean, eliminating bacteria and germs in the air.A stone mill consists of two granite parts, with a slight opening in the middle called "Fukumi." The tea is funneled in from the top, filling in this small space, and pushed out gradually.Unlike other teas, Matcha undergoes a number of additional steps in the production cycle before it makes its way into your cup, including; shade growing, hand picking, and granite milling into a fine powder.Created over 800 years ago by Buddhist monks as a meditational tool, Matcha is known today as the healthiest, rarest, and most premium of all tea varieties from Japan.Currently, Aiya holds over 80% of the exclusive harvesting rights to the Nishio tea plantations.Located in the mountains at 600m sea level, Toyota’s cooler climate acts as a natural barrier and protects the organic fields, as only few insects survive in the colder temperature.

This causes the Matcha to overproduce chlorophyll, giving it its vibrant green color and preserving its delicate amino acids. To this day, when the Matcha is harvested in early May, the fresh green tea leaves are plucked by hand.

It is Aiya’s specialty to supply bulk Matcha to major food/beverage manufacturers as both exotic and functional ingredients.

To meet the demands for large volumes from food/beverage manufacturers with a reasonable lead time, Aiya provides Matcha in large bulk sized packaging.

Aiya was established in 1888 as a local shop providing dyes and teas.

“Aiya,” the nickname for the shop which later became the official company title, was given because the shop carried “Aidama,” an indigo colored dye used on kimonos.

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