Accommodating resistance machines

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ABSOLUTE POWER EXCHANGE (APE): A person who engages in infantilism in the role of a very young child or infant.

AFTERCARE: A period of time after intense BDSM activity in which the dominant partner cares for the submissive partner.

A repeatable test system to check the opening force of flip cap lids, accommodating 3 different diameter caps with minimal fixture changeover.

Prevention of accidental loadcell damage was also a pre-requisite as this had been a problem previously at Betts Ltd.

ANIMALISM: Any form of role play in which a participant assumes the role of an animal to be trained, such as a horse or dog. Ankle cuffs are often made of leather, but may also be made of cloth, rope, metal, or even wood.

ARMBINDER: A restraint device consisting of a long sleeve into which both arms are placed, often fitted with laces or straps to hold the arms securely together.

The solution was provided at a relatively low cost in comparison to the Instron system currently used in the Betts test lab.

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For those who engage in this activity, it is the powerlessness aspect of childhood and the inherent power imbalance between an adult and a child, rather than the childhood itself, that is appealing.Some BDSM activities are physically challenging, psychologically intense, or both.After engaging in such activities, the submissive partner may need a safe psychological space to unwind and recover.AGE PLAY: A form of role play in which a participant assumes the role of someone of a different age.Typically, the submissive partner will assume the role of a very young (and hence powerless) child.

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