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Louis Carr established the Dirty Little Secrets: Men Only Edition Conference to bring together top thought leaders in the country within their respective fields.

The mission of the conference is to provide men with a powerful forum to enhance leadership skills, find clarity for their mission and goals as well as provide tools to achieve new levels of personal and professional success.

Your husband may feel insecure if his masculine qualities, like physical strength, never impress you.

"This isn't the '50s anymore, but there are still some genetically determined pieces of men's self-worth," says marriage therapist Mike Dow, Psy D.

To him, the blue dress looks just like the red one you tried on.

In addition to providing strategies on how to be smart with your money, we will give you financial tips on how not to get trapped in the consumer-based culture.In fact, your hubby's head may turn before his brain realizes!Call him out for ogling or flirting, but let him off the hook for the occasional quick glance.Whether it's innocent or risqué, he probably won't make these most private wishes known—but not because he wants to keep them to himself."Many men have a difficult time communicating what they prefer in bed," says Charles J. "He might want it, but doesn't know how to ask or let you know." Help him by sharing one of your fantasies, Orlando suggests.

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